Friday, February 26, 2010


Right... After 4 months leaving Blogspot for Tumblr, only now I truly feel like it's necessary forme to post up my Tumblr url. Haha.
Here it is;
Happy visiting :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Tataa blogger. You shall find my entries in Tumblr ;)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

He likes it. So?


ME: Ma, Pa mana?
MA: Entah dia. Pergi berkempen.
ME: Hah? Berkempen? Kempen apa? Dekat mana?
MA: Entah. Seronok lah ke dia tu. Dok beghabih dengan politik politik nu haa. PAS apa kemenda entah dia. Yunie, buat price tag ni. RM18.90.


ME: Along, Papa dah balik?
LEE: Belum. Tahu dia berkempen dkat mana?
ME: Mana?
LEE: Port Dickson.
ME: Oi. Jauh beno berkempen!
LEE: Tu lah!
ME: Sat, PD dekat mana?
LEE: PD dekat mana darling?
ABG PIT: Negeri Sembilan.

Wondrously bitchy.

Being in a relationship is like signing an agreement that would only break off in such an unimaginable, horrible way, for me that is, unless you marry that partner of yours. How can you stop or discontinue a magical feeling, so lovely yet full of insecurity but that it is something that you had dreamed of for thousands of times and one day, just on this one particular day, you decided that it has to come to an end. How?

Relationships hardly last long. That's how I see relationships now, I just don't want to get serious and fool around but AGAIN, attempts failed. I'm in a floating mode now I guess? I don't chase, I don't avoid. I just....... FLOAT because what the future holds for relationship is just so, unpredictable. In other words, saya trauma.

And so, why do we bother chasing people around, eh?

No offense to those who are in relationships. Hold on tight, I swear to God, it would be hellafun for what the future has for you people! - If you're true to your feelings ;)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dealing with REMPIT.

Correction, Minah Rempit.

Sigh. I went to Petronas near my house just now to fill the tank and I was on the phone. I put the phone on loudspeaker and when I turned to my right corner to enter the gas station, a motorcycle blocked my path. I was like "bodoh nak mampos pnya rempit", didn't even glance at that stupid Minah Rempit (MR) and just continued to drive.

When I stopped the car and got out of the car to fill up the tank, that hideous MR came to me and.. (it was something like this)

MR: Hoi, kau cakap apa tadi?
ME: Aku cakap amenda?
MR: Kau cakap pergi mampos. Aku dengar ah!
ME: Err, tingkap aku tertutup. (bodoh)
MR: Eish. Aku nampak ah mulut kau gerak gerak.
ME: Mana ada.
MR: Aku nampak la!
ME: Kau ni perasan apesal? I was on the phone.
MR: Mana phone kau? Tak nampak pon.
ME: It's here bodoh. *shows off my iPhone :P*
MR: Kau yang makan jalan cakap aku pergi mampos.
ME: Aku? Kau yang block jalan.
MR: Kau cakap aku pergi mampos apasal?
ME: So? What the hell is your problem?
MR: My problem is you.
ME: Kau ni apsal? Balik rumah la wei. *walks away*
MR: Woi pukimak, sini kau.
ME: Kau nak apa hah?
MR: Cuba kalau terlanggar tadi hah?
ME: So? What the hell is your problem ah?
MR: I don't have anything to explain.
(this is dumb. I was like, ha? amenda?)
MR: Woi, kalau langgar tadi, hah?
ME: So? The thing is, did we hit each other? No right?
MR: Aku cakap IF.
ME: Aku cakap tadi langgar ke tidak?
ME: IF terlanggar, kau yang mati, lantak kau ah.
MR: ........... (went away)

Haha. Almost everyone at the gas station was looking at us. LOL. Stupid rempit. Nak jea aku lempang. Bahahaha.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Her pinky nose.

Not entirely in a good mood. I brought Puffy and Foxtrot to see the vet today and Puffy had some major issues. She has to stay there for a few days. Sigh. Hrmm.

On the bright side, I have a question:

Is this a cat or a rabbit? :3 :B

Hit pause.

Stop whining, stop complaining and start flashing back.

People had sacrificed a lot for you, did a lot for you, helped you a lot and this is how you're showing your gratitude? I'm not saying that you have to be down on your knees and kiss people's asses, just show a little appreciation and respect is enough but instead, you're acting like a selfish asscrack? May you get a sudden realization which comes along with pains.

You're so full of yourself. Utterly foolish and ignorant.

Some people could be VERY inconsiderate, agree?